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Centa for Organizational Development (COD) Nigeria is a gender proportionate & focused non-governmental, non-political, not for profit organization, that seeks to redress the existing in balances in women’s access to socio – economic , cultural and political rights in Nigeria by offering to them cost effective and efficient management, leadership, human rights and organizational development trainings necessary to effectively promote and protect economic, socio – cultural and political rights of more women and girls in Nigeria.
We have in the last two years diversified our programs to include mainstreaming gender in governance structures at all levels in Nigeria, International & Regional Mechanisms for promoting women’s human rights, Increasing women’s participation in politics, training of election monitors, observers and civic education to mention but a few.
In February 2009 we were incorporated as a Company limited by Guarantee (Charity) under Pact A of the Company & Allied Matters Act 1990 with registration No. RC 801533 of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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Promoting Gender Equity, Health,Socio_Economic & Political rights of Women

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